Friday, October 30, 2009

oi veh!

Senior year is tough, especially for us lazy folks.
This weekend alone I have a 20th century music quiz, a 300 word essay for music history, and 3 short essays for topics in performing arts... all due Monday. Not the mention the activities I have to do for Health & Wellness for Tuesday. I still need to work on my paper for 20th century music.. not even sure when that due date is. Also need to brainstorm for my senior project, which will most likely be a paper on how the Willimantic Orchestra works, like funding and dues and such.
I still have to finish the last chapter in my pharmacy book, take the test, and get going on the next book. I need to finish my Pharmacy Technician Certification program soon... not long til I live in the real world.

I don't even want to think about all this, just stress me out. Good thing I still have some of my happy pills left over in case I get too stressed. Although, those will only make me less stressed and not actually finish any of this work.

I am excited however that, assuming all goes right, this will be my last year of college.

Reactivated my Evony account today... WoW is just taking up so much time that I'm trying to log on it right now as little as possible.

Another happy note: Got a B on music history exam, 90 on sustainable energy test, and a 73 on my Microbiology test. Considering I totally forgot about the bio test, I'm pretty happy with that grade ha.

Oh! Upcoming Willi Phili concert! Sunday, November 8th, 3PM at Shafer Auditorium on ECSU campus. Shafer is located on the corner of Windham and Valley streets. Great show! Special guest performers: The Grande Romanza. Pieces included in the performance are: Phantom of the Opera, West Side Story, Carmen, "Memory" from Cats, and selections from Rodgers & Hammerstein.


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